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AmysPainToy's Journal
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Wednesday, April 3rd, 2002
2:43 pm
A long awaited session
Today Miss Amy graced me with a session. Something I've been awaiting for over a week. She started me off with 2 rubber bands around my balls, and then stroking until I was about to cum. After that she had me spank my ass 10 times on each cheek and then 2 times on each ball. After I finished that she had me do it again except 5 times on each ball. My ass was pretty sore at that point... and so were my balls. She then instructed me to put clothespins on my nipples and as many on my balls as would fit. I got a total of 20 on. She then had me twist and pull each one, then permitted me to remove three from each side. Then she had me move one at a time from one side to another for a total of 3 from each side. After that 3 more. Then she had me stroke till I was on the edge again before having me spank myself 10 more times on each cheek. Finally she ordered me to stroke on and off for 25 minutes. After which she graciously permitted me to cum, and what an orgasm it was, I hadn't cum since she last permitted me to last weekend. This was so intense, a well needed orgasm... and lets just say I've got some cleaning up to do. It was well worth the wait. Thank you Miss Amy
Sunday, March 24th, 2002
11:16 pm
A long wonderful session
Tonight Miss Amy gave me the wonderful opportunity to serve her. Our session tonight was nearly 2 hours. It started off with her instructing me to put clothespins on each nipple, and 8 on my balls. Which she then had me pull and twist one by one. The whole time allowing me to stroke my cock keeping me on the edge. After pulling and twisting the clothespins on my balls she had me take them off one by one and switch them from one side to the other and repeat the pulling and twisting. I also had a shoe lace through the clothespins on my nipples to make a mock chain like the ones on real nipple clamps. (Which Miss Amy plans on sending me in what she is calling a "care package") She had me pull on the lace to tug the clothespins in on my nipples in the NSEW directions.
After all that she had me remove the clothespins on my balls and then slap them each 5 times with a wooden spoon. She then had me do the same to each of my nipples and then replace the clothespins. She told me to put as many clothespins on my balls as I good. I got a total of 25 on, she then instructed me to pull and twist them one by one and then remove them. She had me repeat that then as well.
Once that was finished she had me add just one clothespin on each one of my balls and pull and twist them as well as the ones on my nipples... she had me stroke my cock of and on as well... making sure to keep me on the edge for what was next... "The Nipple Zipper". She instructed me to do just as I had before with "The Genital Zipper" and pull the clothespins off at the exact moment I was cumming. When I did the orgasm was intense... not quite as intense as the other Zipper produced but definitly far and above an ordinary orgasm. Miss Amy has taught me to associate pleasure with pain... and that by prolonging things such as an orgasm... it makes it that much more intense. More tomorrow.
Saturday, March 23rd, 2002
10:18 pm
Last night
Well... last night I was off work early, so Miss Amy decided to make good use of my extra free time. She let me do another stroking session for her. 45 minutes.. 5 on, 5 off. Alternating between the NSEW on my nipples, and pulling and twisting clothespins on my balls. I'm proud to say I made it through the 45 minutes. Miss Amy then told me I could stroke it for ten minutes straight and then cum. Which I took great pleasure in doing. I'll have more in a bit... I'm off to speak with her now. I have computer in the privacy of my own bedroom, so she's going to put me to some good use.
Thursday, March 21st, 2002
2:16 pm
My day before work
Well... Miss Amy had me do 20 minutes of the NSEW treatment to my nipples. Followed by 20 minutes 5 on 5 off of stroking. And I had been wanting a spanking and I mentioned a spanking to Miss Amy, but at first she said no. Then I begged her to let me spank myself for her, after that and posting an add for her services in a newsgroup she gave me a pretty good spanking... I can only imagine if I had more time before work how much more she would have done to me. My butt is pretty sore, but I'm sure she could make it worse herself... I dream of the day I might find that out. No assignments for work tonight, she says she's working on one for after work but hasn't thought it all the way through... I can only imagine what it will be. Talk to you later
12:01 pm
Last night's assignment
Last night I did Miss Amy's assignment just as she asked. I was so thrilled to have her speaking to me once again I couldn't wait to do it. I stroked just like she said, 5 minutes on and 5 minutes off, with nipple torture of NSEW during the 5 minutes off. It was difficult towards the end but I knew I couldn't fail her again and that kept me in control, becasue this slave never wants to lose Miss Amy again. Today she's had me teach her how to post into newsgroups, she's going to be putting ads about her services in there I guess. I can't wait to see what else she wants me to do today... and I'm still waiting on my punishment for my failure, last night she said my punishment depends on how much I prove I want to please her in the next 24 hours, so... we'll see. Talk to you all later.
12:42 am
My period of silence is over
Today my period of silence ended... and I was so unbeliveably grateful to have Miss Amy back in my life. I will never fail her again. She still hasn't decided on what my punishment will be but she's assigned me to 60 mins of stroking 5 on, 5 off. and the NSEW nipple treatment during the 5 off. I will graciously complete this assignment for her. More when finished.
Monday, March 18th, 2002
12:25 am
Miss Amy's Journal
I just noticed that Miss Amy now has her journal on-line. I seriously hope that my reading it isn't in violation of my punishment. And that me writing this in my journal... is not a violation either.

Something I had been thinking about all day, was why she was punishing me with no contact for 72 hrs. And why she thought I failed her on purpose. A few hours ago it dawned on me a conversation we had had on saturday night, where I asked her what would happen if I failed... which led me to thinking about a previous conversation from the day before where I asked if I could see her mean streak a little more... or something to that effect. And that's when it hit me, she thinks I failed on purpose just so I would get to see her mean streak, because I had asked about it, and asked what would happen if I failed. And the first thing I wanted to do was contact her and clear that up, but knew I was forbidden from contacting her. So.. upon reading her journal... I found that that is exactly what she was thinking. I can certainly understand now, why she took that point of view. I don't know if she'll ever believe me, I can only hope she will. But my failure was not intentional. And the events of me mentioning her mean streak, and then asking what would happen if I failed were purely circumstantial... the fact that I had never failed her until yesterday, after asking those questions... I can certainly see why she feels the way she does.

Miss Amy, if you read this... I am truly sorry I disappointed you and truly sorry you now think badly of me. I would NEVER decieve you, and NEVER fail you on purpose. My failure was simply that, a failure, nothing more, no alterior motives... nothing, just plain, simple failure. I beg your forgiveness, I swear to you, I had no ill intentions with my questions, I wasn't leading up to failing you on purpose just to see what would happen. Please forgive me, and know that I cherish serving you and that this one day without talking to you in some way... has been one of the longest days in the month since we first spoke. This slave misses you very much already.. and hopes you will find it in yourself to grant him mercy.
Sunday, March 17th, 2002
11:33 am
She's very upset
Do to my failure she says she's convinced that I'm not at all interested in following her instructions, and that I failed on purpose, to see how she would react. That's not the case at all, I didn't fail on purpose, once I started cumming all I could think about was how badly I'd failed. I wanted so much to please her, and the fact that I had failed her hurt me. Because the last thing I want do is fail to please her. I was honestly thinking I could do it, and when I failed... I was very disappointed in myself, for failing her.

She says I'll have no contact with her for 72 hours. None at all. If I attempt to contact her, that will be increased by 12 hours. I'll find out what my physical punishment will be in 3 days and that it will not be pleasant.

I know Miss Amy will be reading this...
Miss Amy, I beg for your forgiveness. I did not fail you on purpose, I don't like the idea of failing you even by accident, I would never intentionally fail you. Serving you for this past month has meant so much to me, pleasing you has been the first thing on my mind, everyday since I made that first phone call. I don't know why I failed you, the only thing I could think of was how much I wanted to please you and when I failed... I didn't know what to think, what to do or anything. Please... believe me when I say I'm sorry. I'd never fail you on purpose. I know you're disappointed in me but I'm so very sorry. Please forgive me and know that pleasing you is the most important thing to me, and that I'm sorry for making you angry. Please believe me when I say I wanted to please you more than anything, and that the 72 hour period of silence is going to be very difficult for me... wondering what you must think of me. I will talk to you in 72 hours, unless otherwise contacted by you.
10:55 am
My assignment from last night
Last night Miss Amy ordered me to stroke it for 45 minutes... seems easy right, did it before... Except she says to stroke for 45 minutes... solid, no breaks. I was worried I'd fail her and she said I don't want to find out what will happen if I do. Well, guess what... I failed... MISERABLY. Less than 10 minutes, I blame this on the fact that I hadn't been permitted to cum since last saturday. Of course Miss Amy won't take any excuses... especially that one. I'm sure she'll be quite angry with me. I'll let you know what happens.
Thursday, March 14th, 2002
12:36 pm
Last night... and today so far
Last night for my assignment at work Miss Amy instructed me to put thumbtacks on my nipples. I wore them for about 3 hours or so and when I messaged her to see if I could take them off... she wasn't there, so I stuck through it for a total of 4 hours before removing them.

Today she's had me put clothespins on my nipples, tie my balls with the shoelace and put 5 clothespins on each ball for 20 mins. The first 20 mins. ended and she told me to move them from one ball to the other. I'm going to get lunch soon so I'll be doing it when I get back. Of course I cleared that with Miss Amy first. More later.
Wednesday, March 13th, 2002
1:11 pm
I'm back
Well, after several days off from being tortured by Miss Amy, I'm back. Her first assignment for me was to do 20 rounds of the NSEW torture that she has for me. I jumped at the chance to follow an order from her once again and made sure I completed it immediatly. I can' wait to see what else she has for me, she's assured me she'll make up for the time she's missed.
Saturday, March 9th, 2002
5:32 pm
Earlier Assignment
The assignment for putting the thumbtacks on my balls, only lasted about a half hour or so, I couldn't take it and asked for permission to remove them, which Miss Amy graciously gave me. I look forward to her other plans for me for today
11:38 am
My assignment for today
Miss Amy has ordered me to put thumbtacks on my balls, total of a dozen. I've put some pieces of tape together to form a giant piece and put the thumbtacks on it and then onto my balls. It hurts... in a good way. The sensitivity down there is amazing. She says I'm to surprise her with how long I can handle it for.
10:46 am
My assignment for yesterday
Ok... we all know my assignment from earlier in the day, and i completed it. Because of my devotion to Miss Amy and the webiste I've made in her honor (www.geocities.com/amyspainslut) she allowed me the pleasure of release, however, I had to wear a clothespin on each nipple for an hour and ten on each nut. Which I did for her, and because i had been a few days since she gave me permission to orgasm. More later today.
Friday, March 8th, 2002
12:59 pm
So here I sit, talking with Miss Amy about the website i've made for her.. www.geocities.com/amyspainslut and I told her I put a guestbook up and that I'd be honored for her to be the first to sign it. Now... important lesson I learned today... wait for an answer... because before she said yes or no... I offered to earn her comments in the guestbook. So I sit here now, with a chain of 16 clothespins on a shoelace hanging off my nipples by two other clothespins, and a chain of 18 clothespins on a shoelace, hanging from my balls. I told her I would do it for an hour. Tonight I have to wear thumbtacks on my nipples for as long as I can take it at work... Again, lesson learned... wait for an answer.
Thursday, March 7th, 2002
12:08 pm
Assignemtn complete
I finished, I was only able to do it for 40 minutes. Miss Amy my be disappointed, I hope she understands that it was a first time with that extra weight and hopefully she will be satisfied. If not I'm sure she will give me assignments to make up for it. Talk to you later
11:27 am
I'm finally doing my assignment
Good morning readers. It's just after 11:25 here and I've just put the clothespins on my nipples and the wait from the other pins on the shoelace really pull on the ones on my nipples. Not only are they pulling down, but they are being pulled to each other as well. I wonder how long I can go, that's the assignment, to see how long I can handle it. I should note that when I walk around they bounce and sway a little. I'll be back with a progress report when I'm done.
3:02 am
My earlier assignment
My assignment from earlier today was interrupted by an unexpected visit from my sister. I told Miss Amy about that and she told me to do it when I got home from work. I ended up going to the gym and working out with some friends of mine from work and have just recently got home and am very tired. So I will have to do that in the morning I suppose, hopefully Miss Amy will understand.
Wednesday, March 6th, 2002
12:05 pm
My assignment before work
Miss Amy assigned me nipple torture before work. She told me to place a clothespin on each nipple and see how long I could take it. Then I asked her a question about whether or not running a shoelace through the clothespins and hanging clothespins off of it would weigh enough to pull on my nipples. She said yes. So I did just that, I put 16 clothepins on and currently sit here with them dangling from my nipples. I can feel my nipple being pulled when I move, the chain of clothespins kinda sways a little. More later
1:19 am
I've finished my 20 minutes
Well I did as ordered and alternated the clothespins on and off for 20 minutes, each time I removed and replaced the pain increased a little. I thank Miss Amy for allowing me to experience it. Can't wait to tell her in the morning.
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